CHAOSOPHY 2001: Neuropsychology & Quantum Metaphysics

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CHAOSOPHY 2001: Neuropsychology & Quantum Metaphysics,
Iona Miller, Editor

BIO: Hypnotherapist, IONA MILLER is a researcher, filmmaker, and popular writer in future science, intelligence and esoterics. She analyzes the collective psyche and cultural effects of geopolitics, religion, science, art and psychology. She fuses wedging and culture jamming into documentary and art films. The ‘spywhisperer’ has appeared in Nexus and Paranoia, authored several books and international publications. A futurist, analyst, and consultant, specialties of this “Meta Hari” include social engineering, pop culture, pop physics and psychology, media ecology, psi research, esoteric espionage, New Age critique, cults, PSYOPS, mind control countermeasures, creativity, mindbody, well-being, and extraordinary human capacities. In an arena in which it is nearly impossible to unravel "the truth," rather than being interested in unprovable minutiae or untraceable connections, she analyzes general trends visible to all with a startling, unique viewpoint.


Neuroscience, Biophysics and the Whole Person

Stanley Krippner, PhD, Saybrook

& the Human Brain's "Reserve Capacities"
Stanley Krippner, PhD, Saybrook

Placebos and Consciousness Restructuring through REM
by Graywolf Swinney

Restructuring Consciousness through Metaphor, Fetal REM, and Neural Plasticity
Iona Miller & Graywolf Swinney

Fractal Iteration of Self-Image & Disease Patterns:
A Transmodern View of Spontaneous Healing
Iona Miller & Graywolf Swinney

The Neurochemistry of Stress, Healing & Transcendence
Iona Miller & Graywolf Swinney


P300 Waves and PGO Spikes
and Their Role in Consciousness Restructuring
Iona Miller & Graywolf Swinney

Theta Reverie and Co-Consciousness in CRP
by Iona Miller and Graywolf Swinney

The Role of Magnetic Fields in Consciousness 
by Iona Miller and Richard Miller


Vacuum Fluctuation in the Macro- and Microcosm
or Surfing the Primordial Gravity Waves
by Iona Miller

The Role of Enfolded Order in Mindbody and Personality, Part I and II
by Iona Miller

The Mysteries of Quantum Metaphysics & Consciousness
by Iona Miller

Author, Iona Miller

FREE RADICAL: Iona Miller, consultant and transdisciplinarian, is a nonfiction writer for the academic and popular press, hypnotherapist (ACHE) and multimedia artist. Her work is an omnisensory fusion of sacred activism, intelligence reform, esoterics, science-art, chaos theory, plenum physics, and emergent paradigm shift melding experiential psychotherapy, new physics, biophysics, resonant space, philosophy, cosmology, healing, creativity, qabalah, magick, paranormal, media ecology, mind control, paramedia, metaphysics, and cultural filters.

CHANGE AGENT: Rather than having an interest in specific doctrines, she is interested in the transformations, the EFFECTS of doctrines from religion, science, psychology, politics and the arts. Our beliefs are the moldable raw material of the psyche, manipulated by governments, media and culture. How do we become what we are and how is that process changing in the near future?

META HARI: Performance artist and spywhisperer, Ms. Miller is published by Phanes Press, Destiny Books (Inner Traditions), Autonomedia, Nexus Magazine, Dream Network, PM&E, Journal of Nonlocality and Remote Mental Interactions (JNLRMI), Chaosophy Journal, OAK, DNA Monthly, Pop Occulture, Schiffer, Bolero, Science-Art Research Centre, and more. She is a Ambassador and serves on the Board of nonprofit organization. Recent print articles include Alchemy Journal Vol. 10 No.1, Mar 09 (Australia), Paranoia zine #44, #46, #49, #50 (USA), HunterGatheress Journal, Vol. I and Vol. II, JNLRMI (Russia), Der Golem (Germany), Antibiothis I and III (Portugal), The Art of Fetish (Miami), and Journal of Interdisciplinary Crossroads (India). Her artwork has shown in Miami, Phoenix, New York, in magazines and more. Appearances include "21st Century Radio," "Untamed Dimensions," "Reality Portal," " Digital Long Island," "The Ascending Way," etc.

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Degrees of Belief: Explanations and theories don't tell us what is

"Every view of things that is not strange is false." - Paul Valéry

"Truth is a necessary fiction. Truth is just a faction of reality, usually stranger than fiction. History is infused by a fictional spirit. Truth gains traction from 'friction,' the mythic element of events. The real news arises in our gaps of awareness. The deep popular need for historical truth is a re-creation myth, reconstructed by answering the question 'whose truth'? Most people never experience truth, but view reality through a hypercluster of mindwarping archetypal lenses. Imagination isn't limited by scholarship. In some instances, fiction makes history. Imagination reshapes reality." - Io

"I'm the Carrie Bradshaw of conspirituality. Writing for NEXUS and PARANOIA is like writing for the Vogue and Cosmo of conspiracy, only with skeletons in the closet, not Manolo's." ~ Iona Miller, "Sects & the Sidhe"

"We're not dead yet! We need a “post-postmodern universalism,” a visionary approach that is non-absolutist, non-reactionary, non-dogmatic, non- nostalgic, and non-romantic. We know this approach must honor real differences, as well as promote profound commonalities. We know the approach is inter-national, inter-religious, and inter-disciplinary. We can no longer blithely deny the shadow side of our collective existence. We can no longer live stuck in dialectical polarities. 2012? What about 2013 and beyond?"


"It is our task to seek art, for without seeking it we shall never learn the secrets of the world." --Paracelsus


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CHAOSOPHY A Journal of Chaos, Consciousness, and Philosophy

Our notions about ourselves and the nature of the world (worldview) around us are filtered through our prejudices about "the way things work". We never apprehend reality directly--only our world-simulation which is congealed from the convergence of our sensory input channels and the information-creating processes of chaotic neural activity. The brain filters and creates reality.

Brains are chaotic systems which create internal perceptual patterns that substitute directly for sensory stimuli. These stimuli are evoked potentials or evoked fields--standing waves in the brain. Imagination has the ability to induce real-time changes in the psychophysical being.

Imagination embodies the power of transformation. It may be accessed through obvious imagery, such as dreams, vision, and other sensory analogs, or viewed directly in symptoms, behavior patterns, emotional patterns, mental concepts, and spiritual beliefs.

The imaginal process is our primary experience and it permeates and conditions all facets of human life. During experiential psychotherapy, the sensory-motor cortex system is influenced through imagination. Psyche affects substance at the most fundamental level, through chaotic neural activity.

The modern myths of our times are those scientific theories which foster our sense of mystery and awe when we gaze into the deep heart of Nature.  The Anima Mundi--Soul of the World--the soul of matter, is alive and well.  All we need do to connect with her is turn an imaginal eye on our relations with self, others, and world.

There is a therapeutic value in deliteralizing our theories about the way things work.  We can view theory poetically, metaphorically to illuminate the natural process of creation and dissolution of pattern and form.  Nature repeats herself at all levels of organization. Therefore insight on the fundamental nature of matter and the relationship of interacting systems reveals analogies with human existence and behavior. Whatever nature is, we are that.

As the ancient alchemists noticed, the transformation of matter is analogous to transformation in the psyche.  This is not to say that consciousness cannot transcend its physical substratum.  If we concur with David Bohm, positing consciousness as pure information, it not only transcends the human sphere but the entire domain of physical manifestation.

Chaos theory provides an interesting philosophical basis for exploring this relationship of psyche and matter--the interface of mind and matter.  Perhaps one of its primary virtues is that it allows us to formulate a theory of consciousness and healing based on an organic model of transformation, rather than a mechanistic or cybernetic process, which form the basis of some other current theories.

Unfolding the analogies of the Creative Consciousness Process with Chaos Theory is not intended to bind the two together as a final picture of the way things are.  CCP was not developed from nor structured around Chaos Theory.  It is just the best state-of-the-art scientific metaphor we have to describe the transformative process in nature's terms.

Most of the nuts and bolts "how to" of CCP is covered in DREAMHEALING: CHAOS AND THE CREATIVE CONSCIOUSNESS PROCESS.  The science behind what Graywolf later called CRP (Consciousness Restructuring Process) is in HOLOGRAPHIC HEALING, by Graywolf Swinney.   Since this journal is being developed essentially as a "house organ" for practitioners of CCP or CRP, or dreamhealing, it refers to this foundational work as the source of the basic theory and method of practice.